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Author Topic: Playing and viewing chat media  (Read 569 times)

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Playing and viewing chat media
« on: June 25, 2007, 12:18:40 AM »
To be able to view and listen to media played in Chat you need to ensure you have windows media player installed on your PC. (Real Player may also be necessary to play some anim's.)
You can check this by CLICKING HERE.

If after checking you have the required items installed, but still are having issues, we suggest to clear cookies in Internet explorer ( TOOLS – INTERNET OPTIONS – DELETE COOKIES )

i) Someone plays media, but you only see/hear the first one played but no others.

Sometimes your browser may stick, to get round this open ‘ANIM’ panel you may then see a list of media that has been selected, if so try clicking the skip button, if that fails use the clear list button. (This again can be caused because of the need to clear cookies as above)

ii) Can’t play media yet you know you can view/hear media.

This is because the media functions are moderated and can only be used by people who have been given the voice status.
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